1. February sunset on Flickr.

    One of the many sunset pictures I’ve taken to show you.

  2. migration season on Flickr.

    On our way to visit family on easter weekend.

  3. Looking forward to BBQing in the sun again with you, and cooking with you.

    I’ll see you again in a smidge over a month!

  4. jamesmraymond:

    I saw a bag of almonds and was peckish, so I made a tasty and probably slightly unhealthy snack.

    I stated by frying about a tablespoon of whole peppercorns in a few millimetres of oil until they started popping like popcorn, then added a half cup of roughly chopped almonds and fried them until they just started to go golden. Then I took the oil of the heat and removed the almonds and pepper with a fork and placed them on a sheet of kitchen paper to remove excess oil. Covered this with salt to taste and found I’d created a rather tasty snack.

    Oops, meant to post this here.

  5. Snowffitti

  7. Edinburgh light from the car

  8. 1. October 23 2013 

    2. November 27 2013

  9. Boxing day skiing!

  10. This is not the quality of photos I mean to take for this blog, but life (aka my computer) gets in the way of that right now, so screw it!

    1. Snow pile of what had been cleared from the parking lot. 2. More snow!